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Are You the Parent of a Spoiled Brat?

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Not amused

Are you giving in to your dog like and exhausted parent giving candy to their child that is throwing a temper tantrum in the checkout line?  At times, my client’s stories are eerily similar to the entitled children in episodes of Supernanny.

 If you find yourself at the mercy of your dog’s bad behavior, there are strategies that can help you bring out the well mannered dog within your spoiled beast.  To begin, your dog must be rewarded for good behavior.  Take the time to notice and catch your dog in the act of doing something good – then reward it.  Part two of the program is to promise yourself that you will not reward your dog for bad behavior.  You must stop giving your dog attention when it is barking if you don’t want the dog to bark.  Same for stealing, begging, whining…  Here are some tips to keep you on the right track.

 1. Manage your environment.  Use tools like baby gates, crates and leashes to prevent undesirable behavior.  These tools will allow you to be ready and able to reward good behavior and give consequences for bad behavior.
2. Train good behavior.  There’s not to many bad things your dog can do while holding a down stay on his bed.  If barking is a problem, a trainer can help you teach a dog to SHHH.
3. Have a plan and the resources necessary to carry out the plan.  Enlist the help of friends or family if needed.  If your dog barks for attention when you are watching tv after work, make a plan.  Plan on giving the dog attention and exercise with a walk or a game in the yard when you arrive home.  When you are watching tv later, have treats available for when your dog is quietly laying on the floor.  If your dog begins a barking episode, leave the room and watch tv in the bedroom alone.  A professional trainer can help you with the details of planning for dealing with behaviors, both good and bad, depending on your dog’s motivation and habits.
Spoil your dog by providing quality, holistic food, play, mental stimulation, exercise, attention and love. 

Written by dawnhanna

March 9, 2011 at 9:08 am

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