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Teaching Gentle

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Maddie & the frogMaddie has a very high prey drive and watching her chase, chew, tug, and pounce on toys is pretty entertaining.  As much as she enjoys the attack and destroy play, it is also important to teach her self restraint and bite inhibition. 

We worked on bite inhibition with the seek & destroy toys when she came close to or had teeth on my hands and fingers.  Maddie learned that any contact with hands and teeth had to be gentle or the game stopped and no more fun was had.  Because of this training, it is safe for me to reach in her mouth and pull out toys, or just tell her to drop.  We also worked on gentle when she took a toy from my hand.  If I say gentle, she has to take the toy slowly and with gentle pressure or I will not let go.

So – meet the frog.  Froggie is not as resilient as a Kong.  Therefore, I had to teach Maddie to be gentle with Froggie.  When we play with Froggie, we do not make Froggie look like prey.  I don’t throw her or kick Froggie

Be gentle to Froggie

around the ground.  Instead, we play gentle.  When we pass her back and forth, we do it gently.  I tell Maddie to be gentle with Froggie.  So far, Froggie’s squeaker and body are still intact.  We’ll see how long Froggie lasts. 

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March 9, 2011 at 10:03 am

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