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Keeping Your Dog Sharp with Nosework

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Using my nose!

Basic obedience is usually everyone’s first experience with dog training.  It creates a solid foundation for a lifetime of communication between you and your dog.  While some owners enjoy advancing to competitive obedience and sports to keep their dogs sharp, others think, well it’s just too competitive. K9 Fun Nosework is a class and sport that is increasing in popularity because it appeals to a wider range of dogs and owners than many other dog training classes and sports.  Nosework focuses on encouraging and developing your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise.

It’s important to keep your dog mentally and physically active for the same reasons we humans keep active.  Nobody wants to have a dull boring existence, and we all enjoy health benefits from keeping physically active.  Getting out and doing things with your dog is fun  and healthy for owners and dogs alike.  So why is K9 Fun Nosework appealing to so many dogs and owners?

K9 Fun Nosework is less stressful than many other classes and competitive sports.  The dog sets the pace and intensity when performing a search.  Handlers control the environment rather than contolling the dog.

K9 Fun Nosework does not require any previous training.  Although a class in this sport does not necessarily have any prerequisites, students may find it helpful to have the foundation of basic obedience as timing and use of rewards are applicable.

K9 Fun Nosework is not as physically demanding as many other obedience classes and competitive sports.  This is ideal for senior dogs that can still get around, but may have trouble with body position changes or intense activity levels.  As long as you keep your dog safe, dogs with impaired hearing or vision can also happily participate in this class and sport.

K9 Fun Nosework builds confidence in shy dogs.

K9 Fun Nosework is an easy way to channel your dog’s energy.

For information on how you can learn to encourage  your dog’s natural scenting abilities, visit http://www.ohbehavedogtraining.com/k9-fun-nosework.htm.

Click here to see Maddie perfoming her first search using completely closed boxes.


Written by dawnhanna

March 9, 2011 at 9:36 am

Posted in Dog Training

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