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Drama Free Dog Friendly Events Are Possible

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MCABSL Barbecue

On May 14, the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) hosted a dog friendly barbecue at CB Smith park.  From 10am to 4pm adults, children, babies and their dogs enjoyed great weather and fun activities without any dog/dog or dog/people aggression incidents.  Were these specially bred and trained therapy dogs?  Nope!  These were family pets of responsible dog owners that simply followed the rules of their gracious hosts.

 Although there were many breeds of dogs in attendance, ironically the media’s most hated “breed”, the Pit Bull, was well represented and celebrated at this event.  People proudly wore their MCABSL shirts proclaiming “Pit Bulls are not the problem.  Bad owners are the problem.  And we are the solution.” 

MCABSL certainly demonstrates solutions, not only in the area of legislative change, but also in responsible dog ownership.  Emails promoting this event contained flyers with basic information and more importantly, some not so common sense rules for attendance.  I’m sharing the event rules below because this is great advice for anyone taking a dog to any dog-friendly event. 

· No Nose to Nose contact between dogs.
· No female dogs in Heat.
· All dogs must be “dog and human friendly” to avoid any complications. It may help to walk your pooches before the event to allow them to get settled.
· No dogs with Food aggression issues.
· MCABSL is not to be held liable for any damages either to personal property or personal injury to anyone attending the event.
· Children MUST be supervised by parents or responsible adult(s) at all given times.
· All dogs should be vaccinated and healthy.
· All dogs must be on leashes and supervised at all times. Absolutely no flexi or retractable leashes will be allowed.
· One dog per person.
· Please be “dog conscious” – make sure to ask an owner before petting their pet and keep a safe distance between you and the next pooch.
· Portable kennels or crates are not mandatory but it may be a good idea to bring one to allow you some free time. We will have a couple of kennels available for the dogs, to allow guests to eat and relax a bit. 

Don’t get the wrong idea.  Following the rules didn’t keep anyone from having a fabulous day of food and fun.  Being a responsible and courteous dog owner means everyone has fun.  MCABSL President and Founder, Dalia Canes, directed fun-filled activities for everyone.  My dog trainer friends, Edel Miedes and Jeri Smith, made sure the crowd was well fed by grilling and serving up a variety of burgers for meat eaters and vegetarians.  PitBullGear.com was also on hand with some very clever fashions.

To be truly honest, I must disclose this event was not completely drama free.  The crowd was subjected to serious competition  and nail biting drama during the best dog contests in 13 categories.  I was on pins and needles wondering who would take the best female in show trophy.  Would it be the Pittie in pink leather or the Pittie in the neon green tutu?  Pittie in pink won, but in my book, all the participants and planners  deserved trophies for this incredible event!

If you would like to support the amazing work of the Miami Coalition to End Breed Specific Legislation, please visit them at unitedagainstbsl.org


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May 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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