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Are Your Dog’s Basic Needs Being Met?

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When I work with my clients to address “problem behaviors”, I ask many questions about the dog, his activities, health and nutrition, environment, previous training, family members of any species and their schedules.  It’s important to have this information to ensure that the behavior modification program that I suggest will be effective.  A holistic approach to dog training will improve the chance of success in any training program.

Imagine a child eating twinkies and drinking soda pop all day alone, no play time, no playmates, no toys, in a bare room for 13 hours a day.  I could send in the best teacher in the world to tutor the child in reading for an hour every day.  Clearly, this child would not be able to function in his home or in society.  Dogs need enriching environments, mental and physical stimulation as well as good nutrition and rewarding training just like young humans.

 The good news about treating a dog holistically is that “undesirable” behavior that the dog exhibits can be addressed without hours of training sessions.  Many undesirable behaviors can be addressed with simple changes around the house in scheduling, exercise, mental stimulation and confinement management.  More good news is that alot of the exercise and mental stimulation is just as much fun for the owner as the dog.  

 A little research about a dog’s breed can can go a long way to provide insight into what he needs.  Visit www.akc.org for information on dog breeds and their history.


Written by dawnhanna

June 28, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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