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Really Being in Your Dog’s Life

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Teaching tricks is enrichingDogs are social animals and it is crucial for their well being to be a real part of a family.  In order to truly satisfy a dog’s social needs, human family members need to give their dogs active attention and enrichment on a regular basis.  With hectic schedules, long office hours, and family obligations, it’s easy to forget about making special time for your dog.

To provide interactive and enriching experiences, choose activities that your dog loves.  I use the word activity, but for the “couch potato” breeds of dogs, a fun activity may be sitting on the couch receiving tummy rubs while you watch the news.  Set aside time to spend with your dog doing an enriching activity every day.  Make sure that you are interactive with the dog during the activity.  This means that you should not be multitasking through your special doggie time.  Interact with your dog and enjoy the walk, rather than talking on your cell phone.  Give wonderful tummy rubs on the couch, rather than typing on your laptop. Play games with your dog in the yard rather than just watching what he does.  Walk around the dog park and interact with other dogs and people, rather than sitting on the bench and letting your dog do all the work.

Dogs can’t speak English to ask you for attention.  Destructive behavior, unruly behavior, attention barking are all signs that a dog may need more attention, and enriching experiences.  Take time during your day to give your dog attention and provide enriching experiences.  You may enjoy it more than your dog!


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August 25, 2011 at 11:33 am

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