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Why Did I Cry for Lennox?

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Undisclosed photo of Lennox in kennel on “death row”

The story of Lennox, the Belfast dog, put to death on July 11, 2012, evoked emotions of sorrow, outrage, anger, disgust and an outcry for justice from animal lovers and advocates worldwide.  Click here to read the story.

I can’t say why this story resonated with me, but I got all caught up in the media coverage in this breed specific legislation sanctioned murder.  The evening before Lennox was euthanized, many of my Facebook friends posted pictures of glowing candles in support of Lennox and his family.  I cried at the thought of some agency taking my beloved dog from me and keeping me from visiting during the legal process.  I had visions of Maddie alone and terrified in a dirty run, and me unable to help her.  I went to bed that night hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.  The next day, Victoria Stilwell, celebrity dog trainer and supporter of Lennox, posted that the dog had been euthanized. Further proving the insensitive nature of the Belfast authorities, the the media was informed of the death before the family.  The family was finally notified of the fate of their beloved pet by Victoria.  The family was denied a final visit and told they would not receive Lennox’s remains or his collar.  Again, I cried thinking about friends that have lost pets and cherished their dog’s collars and tags to remember them.  How could I cry so many tears for a dog that I have never seen and a family that I have never met?

All of these tears for Lennox in Belfast, while 26 miles south of my house, hundreds of dogs are put to death simply because they are Pit Bulls.  According to Dahlia Canes of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, over 800 Pit Bulls were euthanized in 2010 by Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS).  Let’s see, I guess if a ban worked, there would be no Pit Bulls to euthanize.  While the euthanasia statistics due to lack of space and sickness are very high at MDAS, Pit Bulls are not given a chance for adoption because of the ban on this breed.  I have been strongly and publicly opposed to Breed  Specific Legislation, but I have never cried for these dogs.

Why is that?  Why can’t I cry for the euthanized dogs of Dade?  Somehow they have a sort of anonymity because there is no family advocating for them.  In fact, I’ll admit, I have a healthy dose of contempt for families that allow their dogs to end up abandoned at a shelter.  Of course, the fact that these dogs have never known a loving family is even more of a tragedy.  The MDAS experience is no less stressful for a dog without a loving family, in fact, it is likely that their past experiences with humans may have been abusive. Maybe I have become desensitized to the cement block

Lennox in happier times

wall with the mural at MDAS where all of the intakes are photographed.  You only see a scared dog and a tight slip lead.  You can’t see how he cuddled with his family or what he was like as a puppy which is much more relevant to dog lovers.

On August 14, Dade County voters have an opportunity to kick Breed Specific Legislation in the teeth and repeal the ban on Pit Bulls.  Please, let’s put the face our dogs to the faces of of the Pit Bulls that have been destroyed in Dade County.  Let’s imagine that those are our dogs’ loving lives being senselessly extinguished day after day, because they look a certain way.

So on August 13, I will go to sleep hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  If we do not overturn this ban on pit Bulls, I suspect it will be another tearful day… finally finding the tears and crying for the Pit Bulls of Dade.


Written by dawnhanna

July 24, 2012 at 2:47 pm

2 Responses

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  1. The only way BSL will ever go away is when Animal-Lovers unite and go after the neo-Nazis involved,in the case of US the Head-Honcho is the President Barack Obama it is his duty to rid the country of this law that was created by Adolph Hitler.He needs to get 1000s of letters from Animal advocates and be advised as long as this law is in place No VOTES,the same principle should be aimed at the county commissioners.
    What is going nowhere is half a dozen people standing on a street corner with a sign “BAN BSL” or whinging to each other on Blogs “How wrong BSL is”
    Get Active or get used to the fact that BSL has been in Dade for 23 years and it will be there or another 23 years.

    selwyn marock

    July 25, 2012 at 2:31 am

    • I think there are people getting active. I’m hoping it will be enough! Stay tuned!


      July 25, 2012 at 9:27 am

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