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Things To Do With Your Dog on Rainy Day

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rainy-boxIs the rainy weather keeping you and your dog indoors? Is your dog in need of activities because she is missing her daily walk? Here are some ideas to give your dog some mentally stimulating activities when the weather is bad.

1 Make a play date for indoors

Invite one of your dog’s friends and their owner over for a play date. If your dog gets along with a dog in the neighborhood, or one of your friends dogs, why not invite them over for some indoor fun? If you aren’t comfortable inviting dogs to your house, the Yellow Green Farmers Market is under cover and is dog friendly. Remember to take a towel with you to dry off upon arrival.

2 Try a shaping exercise

If you haven’t see the Sophia Yin video that demonstrates a shaping exercise, a rainy day is a good time to try it out. Shaping encourages your dog’s problem solving skills and is lots of fun once your dog catches on. Clickers are great tools for shaping behavior, but you can use the word ‘yes’ if you don’t have a clicker. Click here to see Sophia Yin’s video.

3 Try some targeting exercises

Targeting involves teaching your dog to touch a designated body part to a designated location. Nose targeting is most commonly taught. You can begin with targeting your dog’s nose to your hand, but using targeting sticks (pictured above) are also fun. In addition, targeting has many practical applications. Click here to read Pat Miller’s fabulous article on targeting.

4 Try doing Nosework (searching)

K9 Fun Nosework is one of my favorite classes to teach. It is all about encouraging your dog’s scenting abilities. The beauty of this exercise is that the dog does most of the work. It is very enriching and burns alot of energy. You don’t have to wait for my next class to try it. Jill Marie O’Brien is the founder of this fun dog sport and I had the pleasure of taking her seminar on teaching “K9 Fun Nosework”. Click here for Jill’s blog about getting started in Nosework.

5 Invest in a new interactive dog puzzle

There are tons of dog toys in pet stores. While squeaky toys and chewing toys are extremely popular, puzzle toys that encourage problem solving can be a great solution to a boring day inside. Why not pick up a puzzle toy on your next pet store visit and put it away for a rainy day?

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